Al Ittihad Footbridge Arch - United Arab Emirates

ESC Steel Structures was contracted by Waagner Biro Gulf Middle East Bridge Division for the specialty heavy steel fabrication of the heavy pipe arch for a new foot bridge over Al Ittihad Road, one of the busiest roads in Dubai.


ESC Steel Structures during the tender phase submitted detailed documentation, showing full workflow, timescales, previous similar case studies and the necessary certification for CE marking of both raw materials and end product to BS EN 1090 -1 and BS EN 1090-2 Execution Class 3. ESC’s engineers also effectively communicated with all the technical queries submitted both by the main contractor and the consultant in Europe. ESC had the advantage by having both offices and skilled personnel in the United Arab Emirates – the project country and the China - where the steel raw material was procured and the end product was fabricated.


ESC completed a comprehensive Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) with a breakdown of all the processes which included: welder qualification review, raw material inspection, component dimensional inspection, weld inspection and coating inspection.


ESC completed and packed the pipe arch segments to minimize any chance for damage during shipment. The pipe segments were successfully delivered on time in May 2017 and construction is scheduled to commence in Q3 2017.

Photos de Fabrication