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Our Facility

ESC Steel Structures is a prominent global provider of steel structures fabrication, offering a diverse range of products for construction projects worldwide. Outstandingly, ESC Steel Structures stands out by adopting a meticulous approach to fabrication. ESC does not operate its own mill but rather strategically sources fabricators to execute the fabrication process on their behalf.


This unique business model contributes to several advantages that set ESC apart from its competitors:


ESC's sourcing strategy allows them to collaborate with the top-of-the-line fabricators, ensuring access to a diverse pool of skills and expertise in steel fabrication.

By focusing on sales support/customer services, quality assurance/quality control, and sourcing fabricators to perform the order, ESC can specialize in providing high-quality steel structures tailored to the unique requirements of each project.


Efficiency and Flexibility. ESC's approach enables them to adapt quickly to changing project demands, ensuring efficient and flexible fabrication processes.


ESC Steel Structures' commitment to collaboration with the top fabricators and a specialized approach to fabrication positions them as a preferred choice for construction projects, offering a competitive edge in the steel fabrication industry.

ESC prides facilities with vast capacity and capability for fabrication, corrosion protections, storage, lifting and handling, trial assembly, completely assembly, barge loading and even international vessel loading directly from the factory.

  • 300,000 MT annual fabrication capacity in total more than 15 factories

  • 500,000 M2 covered fabrication working shop areas 

  • 100,000 M2 covered blasting and painting working shop

  • 2,000,000 M2 open yard area in total more than 15 factories

  • Max. 2,200T gantry crane

  • 12,500T  lifting capacity of floating crane

  • 4,000 MT per work piece can be handled and load vessel directly

  • 100+ m  long work piece can be handled and load vessel directly

  • 8,000m waterfront shoreline with more than 20 berths for international vessels and barges

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Diversified Steel Grades ESC can offer

ESC can offer a range of diversified steel grades to meet various construction needs. These steel grades come with distinct characteristics and properties, allowing flexibility and optimization in structural design and performance.


ASTM Grades

A572 Gr. 42,50, 55,60, 65; A1018 Gr. 50, 60, A252 Gr.2, 3, A36, A53 Gr. B, A690 etc


Chinese Standard Grade

Q235,Q345, Q390, Q420, Q460, Q500, Q550, Q690


European Standard Grades

S235, S275, S355, S420, S450, S460, S500, S550,S690


Line Pipe Grades

Gr. B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X65, X70, X80, 2H, 2W Gr.60


Shipbuilding Plate & Special Steel

AH32, 36, 40; DH32, 36, 40 EH32, 36, 40


Equivalent Steel Substitution for:

AS/NZS 3678 Gr. 250, Gr. 350, 350LO, CSA 40. 350, 350W


  • EN 1090-2  EXC4

  • API Spec 5L

  • CE Certificate-FPC Certificate

  • CPR EN 10219-1:2006

  • ISO 3834-2

  • CSA W47.1  CWB certificate

  • ISO 9001:2015

  • ISO 14001 & 45001 certificates


Expect a prompt and helpful response from our dedicated team. We value your time and aim to address your queries efficiently.


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