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pre fabricated steel buildings

Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Pre-engineered Buildings

ESC can supply an assortment of prefabricated steel building (also known as pre-engineered steel buildings,  for a wide range of applications: from workshops, agricultural buildings, aircraft hangers, dealerships, industrial buildings, retail stores and more. 

Utilising steel is a sustainable, cost effective and very durable building material solution. It easily meets both aesthetic, technical requirements of a range of building codes around the world. 

ESC's full service allows fabrication to follow all the way from the factory to the job-site, providing a hassle free solutions to its customers.

3D Model of prefabricated building structure.jpg

Request for a quotation

To help provide you with an accurate and competitive quotation, please provide the following data as complete as possible:

  • Building Function and location

  • Building overall dimensions

  • Insulation requirements

  • Roof Pitch

  • Framed Opening quantities, size (skylights, wall lights, louvres, windows)

  • Gutters & Downspouts

  • Openings with dimensions

Call: +852 8198 0239
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