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Pressure Vessel Welding

Pressure Vessels

ESC’s capability to carry out fabrication and supply of Pressure Vessels accompanied by extensive experience in Cutting and Machining, Blasting and Coating, Welding, Forming, and Testing, enables us to confidently engage various categories from simple to complex. And we have a competent team to coordinate the Engineering and Design between clients and factories, between multinational codes and standards.

ESC is equipped with state-of-the- art equipment and a highly skilled and qualified workforce to execute different arrangements, sizes, and shapes of:

Storage Tanks

  • Above ground, Underground

  • Crude Oil, Lube Oil, Fire Water

  • Industrial, Commercial

  • Vertical, Horizontal

  • Sphere, Cylinder


Heat Exchangers

  • Shell and Tube Exchangers

  • Evaporators and Boilers

  • Double Tube Thermal Exchangers

  • Plate Heat Exchangers


Process Vessels

  • Separators

  • Reactors

  • Lined Process

  • Autoclave

We offer our clients the best products and services out of strong commitment and adherence to various International Standards and Regulations such as ASME, OSHA, ISO, ASQ, ASTM, AWS, NACE, AISC, SME, API, and more.

Pressure Vessel fabrication
Pressure vessel drawing
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