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Material Handling Structures

ESC understands that an efficient material handling structure is vital for the safety and speed of a production system. An efficient material handling system distances workers from hazards such as heavy lifted loads, materials in motion, chemicals to name a few.

ESC has designed and/or fabricated various material handling systems at various scales and quantities with a series of requirements. ESC engineers are also able to design and provide the hydraulic and electrical system for these handling assemblies should it be required.

Applications include: 

  • Conveyor Sections

  • Offloading Systems

  • Transfer systems

  • Heavy material Flipping or rotating stations

  • Storage or painting racks

Material handling structures
Material handling systems design

Request for a quotation

To help provide you with an accurate and competitive quotation, please provide the following data as complete as possible:

  • Material Handling System Functional requirements

  • Location

  • Overall and critical dimensional requirements

  • Layout Drawings

  • Access constraints

  • Full range of materials handled (weight, dimensions)

  • Any other useful information

Call: +852 8198 0239
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