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Fabrication Capabilities

Forming . Cutting . Machining . Welding . Blasting . Painting . Galvanizing . Testing
ESC Steel Structures wide array of fabrication and welding capabilities provides a one-stop solution for all your requirements.

With a global capability of producing over 100,000 metric tons per year of steel structures at various locations and sites around the world, ESC is well suited for projects of all scales and requirements. Some sites even offer their own load-out jetties, enabling large, heavy and complex structures to be transported for efficient exportation.

Offered by ESC are state-of-the-art equipment, with skilled and qualified operators. Below is a showcase of some of the machinery offered in ESC's prequalified mills:

Machining, Cutting & Drilling


Press Brake Forming

Pipe Forming

Blasting, Coating & Galvanizing

Testing (Material, Weld, Coating, Dimensional)


Other components


Machining, Cutting & Drilling

ESC is capable of machining high quality components of different sizes, materials and specifications. Cutting, bevelling and drilling can also be automated with supreme precision. Utilising state of the art CNC machinery and skilled operators ESC offers:

  • High Precision CNC lathes turning of pieces up to 2.5 metres length

  • Flame, Laser & Plasma Cutting of plates up to 150mm thickness

  • Precision drilling, milling and boring

  • Plate Shearing machines (up to 6 metre width and 10mm thickness)

  • Automated edge bevelling for weld preparations

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Welds are one of the most important features of a steel structure and expert skill, knowledge and experience goes a long way in ensuring structural integrity:

  • Welding of various materials and special steel grades

  • AWS qualified weld inspectors

  • International Standards & Welding Codes: AWS, ASME, API, AS/NZS, CSA, BS, ISO, CEN

  • Manual, Semi-auto, automated welding

  • All welding technologies: SAW, MIG/MAG, TIG, FCAW, SMAW, GTAW, MCAW, GMAW

  • Access to hundreds of qualified and skilled welders

  • State of the art non destructive testing (NDT) and destructive testing

Pipe Production

Pipe Production

ESC offers a wide range of pipe manufacturing capabilities for use in steel structures:

  • Double Submerged Arc Welded Pipe (DSAW - UOE method, JCOE method), Spiral Welded, seamless and more

  • ASTM, CSA, API, BS EN, ISO standards

  • Diameters can range from 1 inch (25.4mm) all the way up to 14 feet (4267mm)

  • Thicknesses - between 2.10mm to 4 in (100mm)

  • Lengths - all up to 100 metres length for large diameter pipes

  • Various Steel Grades from S355JOH to X60 for example

  • In-house hydrostatic pressure testing facilities

Press Brake forming

Press Brake Forming

Utilising a press brake capability which features some of the largest press brakes in the world, ESC can offer a wide range of high quality formed steel components:

  • Lengths - up to 60' (4 metres)

  • Up to 20,000mT bending force

  • Thicknesses up to 1" (25.4mm)

  • Large range of press brake tooling

  • Large throat area for a wide range of forming dimensions

  • Semi-automated material handling for efficient and safe forming

Press Brake forming

Blasting, Coating & Galvanizing

A good quality coating system, whether it be by a protective paint or sacrificial zinc galvanization is important to the aesthetics and durability of a steel structure. ESC offers a wide range of coating system options are available to suit many projects and applications. Another aspect frequently overlooked is the packing system and handling supervision that ESC offers to ensure that your asset arrives to your site with minimal or no coating damage.

  • A combination of manual and semi-auto application methods for consistent thickness and ability for application in hard-to-access places

  • Blasting to various surface standards

  • Various coating options - colours, types

  • Careful humidity and temperature control

  • ESC's certified SPCC coating inspectors supervising through the entire preparation and coating process with complete coating reports.



Testing at all stages of fabrication is critical in a quality assurance process. All items fabricated by ESC Steel Structures follow a strict Inspection & Test Plan with various hold points to check the components for strength, defects and other important items. ESC offers a full suite and expertise of steel structure testing:

  • High precision, routinely calibrated and certified dimensional measurement equipment

  • ISO, OHSAS, EN 1090, ISO 3834 and other company certifications

  • In-house and external material testing facilities: tensile, impact, chemical, ultrasonic

  • UT, MT, RT, PT, VT testing for welds (at different percentages depending on application and project requirements). Also special methods such as 

  • AWS, NDT, Coating Certification of ESC QA/QC Inspectors

  • Close relationships with reputable third party inspectors

  • Assembly Load Testing, Pressure Testing facilities

  • Coating Inspection - thickness, defects, adherence



ESC's project engineers are from a wide range of backgrounds, including aerospace, mechanical, civil, offshore oil & gas, nuclear, renewables and more. ESC offers clients a dedicated project engineer for every order, who is the focal point for communication and technical queries. This make project management more seamless and hassle-free to the client. We understand the need to interact closely with contractors, design consultants, owners and other project stakeholders.

ESC's engineering support capabilities include:

  • Engineering calculations in compliance with standards

  • 2D and 3D CAD Draughting for layout, shop, welding and other drawings

  • Finite Element Analysis

  • 3D visualisation and animation services


Expect a prompt and helpful response from our dedicated team. We value your time and aim to address your queries efficiently.


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