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Quality Assurance & 
Quality Control

At ESC Steel Structures, the commitment to quality assurance and quality control is fundamental to our operations. We firmly believe in the significance of maintaining high standards throughout the project execution process. Here are the key aspects of our methodology:


Dedicated QHSE Operations Manager: ESC Steel Structures places emphasis on quality, health, safety, and environmental (QHSE) policies. A dedicated QHSE Operations Manager oversees the development, implementation, and assessment of these policies, ensuring compliance with current legislation. QHSE Operations Manager plays a pivotal role in overseeing overall aspects of project management. From project information collection and distribution to resolving issues that may arise during the course of the project.


Controlled Environment: Our fabrication operates within a controlled environment, enforcing stringent quality control measures to guarantee that all materials meet regulatory standards.


Testing at All Stages: Quality assurance is integrated into every stage of fabrication, with a focus on rigorous testing. All products manufactured by ESC Steel Structures undergo strict inspections to maintain the highest quality standards.


Continuous Improvement: Committed to delivering quality products and services, ESC Steel Structures follows a philosophy of continuous improvement, responding to the evolving market demands to achieve customer satisfaction.


Our belief in the importance of quality assurance and control underscores our dedication to providing reliable and superior steel structures.


These  collectively contribute to the successful execution of projects, aligning with ESC's commitment to excellence in operations.

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How does ESC ensure the products meet the required quality standards?

Ensuring Product Quality at ESC. To guarantee the desired quality in its products, ESC employs rigorous measures at every stage of fabrication. Our commitment to quality assurance is evident in its adherence to strict Inspection & Test processes during the fabrication of all products.

We have:

  • Pre-qualified raw material suppliers in place.

  • Pre-qualified manufacturers in place.

  • Kickoff meeting to make the operation team fully understand requirements.

  • Specific quality plan, ITP, MPS, Procedures etc. in place.

  • Production Kick off meeting to the mill fully understand the requirements.

  • Experienced Engineer to assist the mill on technical issue.

  • Qualified QC inspectors full time supervision.

  • Specific WIs, Forms, Records in place.

  • QC Daily detail report.

  • Standard in-process QC chart in place.

  • Change orders registering system.

  • Material re-test and heat no. tracking system.

  • NCR control system.

  • 3rd party inspection if needed.

  • Final inspection before release.

  • Stowage plan before loading.

  • Loading survey report after loading .


ESC Steel Structures, with its vast fabrication capabilities, emphasizes testing as a vital component of quality assurance. This dedication extends, where ESC products undergo meticulous inspections and tests to meet stringent quality standards.

ESC's commitment to quality control is further demonstrated in its safety aspects of structural steel, making quality assurance checks more accessible due to the exposed and accessible nature of steel members. Additionally, ESC ensures coating quality, full traceability, proper handling, and protective packing, all contributing to its quality control documentation. In essence, ESC's comprehensive approach to quality assurance spans fabrication processes, safety considerations, and meticulous control measures throughout its diverse product offerings.

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