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Modular Transport Beam System - United Kingdom

ESC was awarded the manufacture of an innovative heavy duty modular beam transport system with adjustable lengths, capable of carrying heavy assemblies for loadout such as container cranes, offshore towers. ESC carried out high precision, heavy duty fabrication.

ESC Steel Structures in the Malaysia facility was awarded the fabrication scope by globally respected heavy lifting and transport contractor ALE Heavylift BV based in the Netherlands in 2013 to produce 10 heavy transport beams, for a total of over 200 tons. These beams were to be utilised in a reusable platform for skidding large and heavy items for example, an oil platform on and off the sea.

There are 6 central beams with lugs on both ends and 4 end beams with lugs on one end only - to form a two sided 55 metre length platform that can be rolled along the ground. 

Each of these beams was 1.55 metres height, 1.6 metres width and 10.7 metres in length. The steel grade high tensile steel grade S355J2G3. A complex configuration of lug holes that had to align in different planes meant the finished tolerances were critical in acceptance by the client of the steel beams. Qualified and highly skilled welders completed challenging welds due to difficult access within the beam structure. The beams were trial fitted in several configurations to ensure they mate together with no issues.


The project was successfully delivered in the United Kingdom in July 2013 and since been reused for numerous heavy lifts.

Heavy Lifting Beam on low loader

Fabrication Photos

Beam Buildup
Lug fitting
Lug Fitting 2
Drilling Lug Holes 4
Drilling Lug Holes 1
Lug Holes complete and pin trial fitted

Completed Beam Photos

Modular Transport Beam Application Photos

Credits to ALE Heavylift for the above photos and video.
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