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Port Hedland Tug Harbour Pontoon - Australia

ESC Steel Structures alongside Edgen Murray Australia constructed 2 new tug harbour pontoons between 31 metres to 44 metres in length. The scope of work also included gangway platforms.

An EPC contract worth nearly US$100 million for a  new tug harbour at Hunt point, Port Hedland in Australia was awarded to Lendlease in July 2015 by BHP Billiton. Another scope of work related was for the upgrade to the exiting tug harbour at Nelson point. The project was to be undertaken by BHP Billiton. A fleet of escort-capable tug boats were to be accommodated which would operate within the inner harbour and Port Hedland Channel. This fleet would be intended to greatly reduce the risks of channel blockage and vessel grounding. 

ESC Steel Structures alongside its Australian partner Edgen Murray were awarded the scope of work for the fabrication of 4 large pontoons and 4 gangways.

The size of each pontoon was between 33 and 52 metres in length and it was fabricated in 2 halves initially inside. Only at the last stage were the 2 halves joined.

ESC also fabricated and/or fitted other components such as: removable handrails, cathodic protection anodes and bollards.

The pontoons, gangways and other components successfully arrived in Australia in November 2016.

tug harbour pontoon fabrication

Pontoon Fabrication

Gangway Fabrication

Gangway Assembly, Fitting and Welding
Gangways with base layer complete 2
Gangways with top coat applied 1
Gangways with top coat applied 2
Final drying of gangway
FRP Grating with anti-slip surface 1
Loading Inspection of Gangways by ESC and the client
Loading of Gangways 2
Loading of Gangways 1

Other Components

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